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ASK ME is a joint-stock company with a capital of €5000 whose the headquarter is 71, quai Branly 75006 PARIS.

Subscription n° RCS PARIS : 802 118 737

Intra-community VAT : FR 11 802118737

Contact :

Number : +33 6 52 74 04 41


The website is hosted by 1&1 Internet SARL – 7, place de la Gare BP 70109 57201 Sarreguemines Cedex. SARL, with a capital of €100 000 – RCS Sarreguemines B 431 303 775 – SIRET 431 303 775 000 16 – Code APE : 6201Z

ASK ME makes available an online platform with apartments to rent for guests looking for this type of accommodate for short stay.


If you accept to respect the conditions for a company or other juridical entity, you declare and ensure that you are allowed to submit the company to these conditions, so “you” and “your” will do reference and will apply to the company or other juridical entity.


ASK ME reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the website, the services or the service fees, at any time and without prior notice. If we modify the conditions, we will publish the modification on the website or we will send you a modification notice. We will also refresh the “last update” in the present conditions. If you continue to access or use the website or services and that you don’t refuse modifications after that we publish a modification on the website, or that we have sent you a modification notice, you indicate to be in agreement with the modified conditions. If the modified conditions are not acceptable for you, your only resort is to stop using the website and services.


The website and services target at people over 18 years old. Any access at a using of the website or services by any people under 18 years old is ban. In accessing or using the website or services, you declare and ensure is over 18 years old.

How work the website and services

The website and services may be used to facilitate the listing and the booking of accommodations. The accommodations are included in the listings of the website or services by hosts. You can consult the listings even if you’re not registered on the website, the services; however, if you want to book an accommodation, you need to create an account.

As indicated above, ASK ME offers a platform with a technology adapted for that guests would be able to organize bookings of apartments. PYP is not the owner but the manager of accommodations, ASK ME doesn’t have, doesn’t sell, doesn’t furnish, doesn’t provide, any accommodations, transports or travel services. The responsibilities of ASK ME are limited to make easier the access to the website and services.

To access to functions of the website, and to book an accommodation, you should register to create an account (“account ASK ME”) and become a member.

You can also register you to subscribe by a connection at your account from websites like social networks (“SRS”) (included, but not only, Facebook).

You declared to be authorized to transmit information about the ID created with ASK ME and/or you authorize ASK ME to access to your third-party account, without impairing to any terms and conditions which regulate your using of the third-party account and without engage ASK ME to pay fees, neither submit ASK ME to all using restriction imposed by a third-party service provider. In authorizing ASK ME to access to a third-party account, you understand that ASK ME will have an access, make available and stock (if possible) any content that you have provided and stock on your third-party account (“content SRS”) for it would be available on and by the website, services by your account ASK ME and your account page ASK ME. Except if the conditions indicate the contrary, any content SRS, will be considered as content of member for all dispositions said “general conditions”. According to the third-party account that you select and according to the confidential parameters that you defined in the third-party account, the information personally identifiable that you publish on your account will be available on and through your account Airbnb on the website and services. Please, note that if a third-party account or an associate service becomes unavailable or that the access Airbnb to this account is terminated by a third-party provider, the content SRS won’t be available on and through the website and services. You can disable the connection between your account ASK ME and your third-party account, at any time, in the section “parameters” of the website.

PLEASE NOT THAT YOUR RELATION WITH THE THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER TO YOUR ACCOUNT IS ONLY REGULATED BY YOUR AGREEMENT WITH THE THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS. ASK ME will never consult any content SRS, included in order to check its accuracy, its legality or its non-violation, and ASK ME is not responsible of any content SRS

We will create your account ASK ME and your profile page of the account for your using of the website and the application is based on the personal information that you will provide us or that we obtain through a social network, as described above. You can’t have more than one (1) active account ASK ME. You accept to provide exact information, current and complete during the register process and updating information in order to preserve their accuracy, relevance and completeness. ASK ME has the right to close your account ASK ME and your access to the website and services if you create more than one account ASK ME or if an information provided during the register or later is inexact, obsolete or incomplete. You are responsible for the protection of your password. You accept don’t reveal your password at any third-party and assume the responsibility for any activity or action on your account ASK ME, that you accepted or not these activities. You will immediately alert ASK ME any using non-authorized of your account ASK ME.

No endorsement

ASK ME doesn’t vouch for any member. Moreover, even if the conditions indicate that the members have to provide exact information, we can’t confirm the member identity. When you use the website or services, you accept that any recourse or juridical responsibility that you seek follow-up to actions from other members or third-party is limited to a claim against the concerned members or third-party responsible of the injury suffered, and you accept do not try to reject the responsibility or look for any legal recourse from ASK ME, concerning the acts mentioned above.

Bookings and financial conditions

If you are a guest, you should confirm or decline the booking in the 24 hours follow-up the request (as mentioned by ASK ME). In this case, the booking request will automatically cancelled. When a booking is done through the website and services, we provide you the information such as address and personal contacts.

Eventually, fees might be added to the rental fees of the accommodation and/or for the cleaning, variable according to the accommodations. The fees charged to the client and taxes are named “total costs”. The amounts owned and payable by the guest only linked with the host accommodation are the “accommodate rental costs”. Please, note that it’s the host and not ASK ME which determinate the amount of rental costs of the accommodation. According to the host, the rental costs of the accommodation would be able to include cleaning fees.

The host elects ASK ME as the agent to collect payments carried out by the guests for the host account. The host accepts the payment carried out by the guest to ASK ME to be considered as identical to a payment carried out directly from the host and the host will make available the accommodate by the same way if the host would receive himself the payment. The host accepts that ASK ME have the possibility, depending to the cancellation policy selected by the host, permitting to the guest to cancel the booking and to refund the guest the part of rental costs of the accommodation specified in the applicable cancellation policy, in accepting to be elected as the agent authorized by the host.

Bookings and financial conditions according to the clients

If you, as client, choose to book a accommodation from ASK ME, you accept and understand that you would have to sign a contract with ASK ME and that you will accept the conditions, rules et restrictions linked with the accommodation and imposed by ASK ME.

The listings of accommodations will indicate the total costs. As previously indicated, ASK ME has to confirm ou decline your booking in the 24 hours follow-up the request. In the contrary case, the booking will be automatically cancelled. If a booking is cancelled (non-confirmed by ASK ME), any amount received by ASK ME will be refunded to the client, according to his choices on the website, and any pre-authorization of the guest’s credit card will be terminated.

You accept to pay to ASK ME the total costs for any booking requested in connection with your account ASK ME. To establish a booking option in waiting for the confirmation of ASK ME, you understand and accept that ASK ME has the right to obtain a pre-authorization through your credit card by the payment of total costs or to charge money from your of a nominal amount, not exceeding a dollar (1$), or a similar amount according to the currency in which the payment is carried out to check the functioning of your credit card. As soon as ASK ME will receive confirmation of your booking, ASK ME will collect the total costs in accordance to the modalities from the general conditions and from pricing conditions established in the listing. Please, note that ASK ME can’t control the eventual costs that can be charged to a gust by his bank, and linked with the total costs recovery by ASK ME, and ASK ME declines any responsibility about that.

Follow-up your booking, invoicing data will be requested such as your names and identity, invoicing address and credit card for ASK ME or for a third-party operating on his behalf. You accept to pay ASK ME for any booking confirmed and carried out linked with your account ASK ME in accordance with conditions by one of the methods described on the website, for instance, by Paypal or by credit card. You authorize the perception of amounts in charging the credit card provided during the booking, directly by ASK ME or indirectly, through a third-party managing the online payment described on the website. You also authorize ASK ME to charge your credit card in the case of an accommodation will be damaged by the way mentioned in the section “damages suffered by the accommodations” below or for the deposits. If you are sent to a third-party managing payments of ASK ME, you eventually should respect the general conditions governing the using of a third-party service and the practices of data recuperation about the third-party. Please, read these conditions and the confidential policy before using services. As soon as you will have confirmed the booking, you will receive a confirmation by email recapitulating your confirmed booking.


ASK ME can choose to include deposits in the listings (“deposits”). Each listing will mention the eventual necessity of a deposit for the accommodation concerned. If a deposit is included in a listing for a confirmed booking, ASK ME, as agent of payment will do the best to obtain a pre-authorization of payment from the guest’s credit card for the amount requested as deposit, in a reasonable time before the guest arrival in an accommodation.

Management fees

For the services provided, ASK ME don’t collect any add management fee from the guests. The fees are already included in the amount of the booking.

Please, note that ASK ME can deduct a commission for the processing of foreign currencies for all payments done by ASK ME with currencies different from dollars US.

You will find, on the website, more information about the commission deducted for the currency processing. You will find more information about the management fees on http://……. Except contrary instruction mentioned, the management fees are not refundable.

General conditions governing finances and bookings

Cancellations and refunds

If, as guest, you cancel your booking before it is confirmed, ASK ME will cancel any pre-authorization carried out on your credit card and/or will refund all nominal amounts charged on your credit card concerning your reservation in reasonable commercial times. If, as guest, you wish cancel a booking done through the website or services, before or after your arrival in the accommodation, the cancellation policy mentioned in the listing will apply at the cancellation. Our capacity to refund rental costs of the accommodation and other amounts which have been charged have the same conditions of the cancellation policy. The details about the refunds and cancellation policies are available on the website and listing of each apartment.

Periodic payment

In certain cases, clients should make periodic and incremental payments until the total payment of total costs charged for a booking confirmed has been paid, before your arrival in the accommodation booked (“periodic payments”). You will find more information about periodic payments on the website. If you want to pay the total costs of a booking confirmed in making periodic payments, you authorize ASK ME to perceive these total costs according to the staggering and the frequency linked with periodic payments, mentioned on the website.

Foreign currencies

In the context of its services, ASK ME provides a feature that members can consult the total costs for different listings about foreign currencies. You understand that these estimations of total costs are only provided for informational and don’t represent the official total costs of listings. If you, as guest, make a rental request, you will be informed of the currency that you will be charged and also of the amount of total costs if your booking is confirmed by the host. The currency in which you will be charged will be defined by ASK ME according to the payment method that you will choose and the accommodation location mentioned in the listing chosen. If the currency in which you are charged is different from the currency chosen for payments, ASK ME will take in charge the process of the currency conversion required and also the costs that will be calculated on the base of the exchange rate of currencies the most recent that ASK ME downloaded on the website at the time and the date of the booking confirmation. You acknowledge that the exchange rate used for the currency conversion is carried out insofar as the exchange rate is not always updated properly, and the exchange rate applicable can have a differential cost or a margin that are not included in the market rate. In this case, ASK ME will keep all profits resulting of the conversion according to the changes of exchange rate of currencies between the confirmation date of your booking and the date ASK ME will make the payment.

Damages in the accommodation

As guest, you have to return the accommodation in the same condition you found it at your arrival. You accept to be, as guest, responsible for your own acts and acts from people you invite, or people who have an access to the accommodation. In the case of a host would make a claim and would provide a damage proof, included photos, you will accept to refund the damaged goods damaged by equivalent goods. After having been alerted of the claim et had forty eight (48) hours to respond it, the payment will be debited on the credit card linked with your booking.

Account ASK ME

ASK ME has also the right to debit the credit card linked with your account and perceive your payment by another way and also use any legal juridical mean, included using of the deposit, in the case of ASK ME would have determinate, that you damaged an accommodation. If we have in the incapacity to debit the credit card registered or to perceive your payment, you accept to refund ASK ME for any damage in the accommodation.

The guests accept to cooperate with ASK ME, to provide to ASK ME, the information required and to respond to requests reasonable of ASK ME, concerning any claim presented by the members about an accommodation, any personal good or other good located in the accommodation or about seeking carried out by ASK ME or its representative for the website. If you are a guest, under reasonable request from ASK ME and if you are in the case to be able to do it, you accept to participate to a similar settlement free process, involving the host, managed by ASK ME or an elected third-party, and linked with losses for which ASK ME claims a payment in accordance with terms of the host guarantee from Airbnb.

If you are a guest, you understand and accept that ASK ME has the right to declare a sinister as part of your owner insurance, occupant or other about any damage or loss whose you are responsible in an accommodation, or any good located in this accommodation. You accept to cooperate with and to help and provide to ASK ME, information required by ASK ME to present a clear claim for your owner insurance, occupant or sign documents and take other measures required by ASK ME in order to accomplish the approach.

Users driving

You understand and acknowledge being the only responsible for the law respect, rules and taxing obligation governing the website, services and content using. When you’re using the website and services, you can’t and accept do not:

– Infringe any law or state regulation, or any court order

– Use a software, device, automatic scripts or other means, use a “inforobot” or an indexation engine on a web page

– Use the website or service with a commercial goal non-authorized by the website manager

– Copy, stock or access to information contained on the website

– Prejudice the rights of others or any entity, their intellectual property, confidentiality, advertisement and contractual rights

– Prejudice our website and our services, in using virus, cancellation robots, attacks, fake address IP, or other similar technologies

– Use our website or services to transmit, distribute, publish or submit any information about a person or entity, photos of others without their agreement, contacts, credit card information, or account numbers.

– Use our website and services to distribute “spams” or adds without link with the accommodation in a private residency.

– “Track” or harass any user of the website, or collect or stock personal information owning to another user for other reasons that transfers as guest ASK ME.

– Use automatic scripts to collect information with the website; use, display or copy the website, or any individual element, the PICK YOUR PLACE name, the ASK ME brand, logo, concept or other exclusive information about ASK ME

– Access, falsify or use a non-public area of the website or the online system of ASK ME

– Falsify TCP/IP or other part of the information of the brand in any email or all publication of discussion groups to send false information.

ASK ME will be able to investigate and sue lawsuits for all violation above, in the case of the law allows it. ASK ME can involve and cooperate with juridical authorities in order to sue users who don’t respect the conditions. You acknowledge that ASK ME is not responsible to control your access or using of the website or examine any member content, but has the right to do it in exceptional cases. ASK ME has the right at any time and without notice, to delete any collective content or ban the access if ASK MCE considers this content as contestable.

Sponsorship program ASK ME

As member, if you request to one of your friend to make a booking or to create a listing resulting a confirmed booking on the website, you will have a number of reusing points on ASK ME.

To receive a sponsorship reward, each of below conditions should be filled: you have to connect at your account ASK ME on the website and select the link “Invite friends from Facebook” or “Send an email to your friends”; you should communicate the link provided to your friends through Facebook or Twitter, thanks to the sponsorship link to sent to your friends in an email through tools provided by ASK ME to communicate the unique sponsorship link to your friends; a friend click on the link in Facebook and has to create an account ASK ME to become a member. Once he is a member, the friend should request an accommodation booking or create a listing for a future reservation confirmed whose the total costs are one thousand euros (100€) minimum and that is not cancelled later. Please, note that you can’t be the guest of the reservation and receive a sponsorship reward.

Any sponsorship accepted or sponsorship reward will be registered through your account ASK ME once the sponsorship form will be filled. The rewards will be displayed on the profile page of your account ASK ME. You are the only to receive these rewards and you can’t receive another one if you authorize another person to use your account. The sponsorship rewards accumulated on several accounts ASK ME can’t be mixed on only one account. You can’t receive rewards if you create several accounts ASK ME. As soon as you receive rewards, you accept and acknowledge that ASK ME accord you a limited license and that the rewards don’t own you personally. You can’t exchange your sponsorship rewards against money.


The website and services can contain links to third-party websites. You acknowledge and accept that ASK ME is not responsible for: the availability or exactitude of websites, contents, products or services. The publication of links to websites doesn’t indicate that ASK ME approves websites or contents offered. You acknowledge being only responsible and assume any risk linked with the using of any website.

Opinion about exclusivity rights

Any registered brand, service brand, logo, commercial name and any other exclusive designation of ASK ME used compose a registered brand of ASK ME. Any other registered brand, service brand, commercial name and any other exclusive designation are registered brands from their respective part.


We encourage you to provide a feedback, reviews and suggestions in order to improve the website and services (the “feedback”). Any feedback that you provide us will become the exclusive property of ASK ME, and you surrender voluntarily to ASK ME any right, title and interest linked with a feedback, included copyright, international patent, industrial secret, moral rights and other property right or intellectual property right. On demand from ASK ME, you will sign documents and act from the required way from ASK ME in order to help ASK ME to acquire, improve and maintain its intellectual property rights and other juridical protection about the feedback.

Termination and cancellation of ASK ME account

We can, according to the goodwill and without responsibility, with or without reason, with or without notice, at any time: terminate your website using, block the access to the website, and disable or close the account ASK ME. At the account termination, we will pay you any amount whose we will determinate reasonably that it is legally owed to you. In the case of ASK ME would cancel your access to the website, or would cancel your account ASK ME, you will stay liable to pay for any amount. You can close your account ASK ME at any time through the function “close an account” in the services or in transmitting an email to Please, not that if your account ASK ME is terminated, we are not obliged to delete or send you any content that you published on the website, or any feedback.

Complete contract

The conditions create the integrality of the agreement and contract between ASK ME and you, about the website, collective content, sponsorship process and any booking or listing of accommodation carried out through the website; the conditions replace any other agreement or contract between ASK ME and you, about the bookings or listings of accommodations, website, services, collective content and sponsorship process.

Conflict resolution

ASK ME and you agree that any and all disputes, claims or controversies arising out of or in connection with this agreement, or any breach, termination, enforcement, or interpretation or validity, or use of the services, or the site is judged by binding arbitration, with each party retaining the right to seek injunctive or other relief from a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent an infringement, misappropriation or proven or perceived violation of copyright, trademark , trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights of a party. You acknowledge and agree that ASK ME and you waive the right to be tried by a jury, or to participate as an applicant or person registered in a class action or collective action. In addition, unless ASK ME and you agree otherwise in writing, the arbitrator will not be able to take over the claims of more than one person and will not be able to arbitrate class actions of any kind ‘it is. If this section is deemed to be unenforceable, all of this Section regarding “conflict resolution” shall be deemed null and void. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, this section on “conflict resolution” will survive termination hereof.

General conditions

The fact that ASK ME doesn’t implement a right or disposition doesn’t constitute a renouncement to do implement this right or disposition to the future. The renouncement to this right or disposition will be effective only if it is stipulated by writing by an agent named by ASK ME. Except these dispositions, the exercise from one of the parts will not prejudge its capacity to do other recourses. If, for any reason, a judge or competent jurisdiction considers a disposition at these conditions as invalid or inapplicable, this disposition will be applied in the measure allowed by the legislation in force, and other dispositions from conditions.


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This website may be leaded to leave a cookie in your navigator while you register a review or while you’re writing an article, in order to save your ID information (name, address and URL). Moreover, the statistic tool Google Analytics, may also leave cookies on your computer in order to establish connection statistics.

You are free to decline the cookie installation and also the collect of your navigation information. For that, you should refer to the parameters of your navigator.

Contact ASK ME

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